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D2 Solutions2/21/24 1:52 PM

Multi-Language Compatibility: The Next Chapter of UltraTouch Engage

The team at D2 is excited to announce that UltraTouch® Engage is now multi-language compatible, beginning with the Spanish language. This effort is our first step towards empowering our partners to more effectively engage with non-English speakers and address the needs of diverse patient populations.


Download the full press release here.


Why Multi-Language Compatability?

This addition to Engage's capabilities comes as a response to the growing need for diverse language support within healthcare settings. A study by AMN Healthcare in their 2023 Healthcare World Language Index identified 50+ languages commonly used between patients and healthcare providers across the country - Spanish being at the top of that list behind English. With the ability to automate patient communication in other languages, beginning with Spanish language support, Engage now ensures that our partners can help a broader spectrum of patients accelerate speed-to-therapy and stay on therapy in a manner that ensures maximum clinical value.
"We are excited to provide this capability to our client-partners. Our goal as an organization is to offer our partners the tools they need to support their patients. This addition to UltraTouch® Engage extends the benefits of enhanced patient access to those patients who need Spanish-speaking support."
Dean ErhardtCEO & Founder

What is UltraTouch Engage?

Engage is an interactive, patient-centric care model that supports patient onboarding and the capture of missing patient information through customizable and automated digital outreach. Engage supports important operational functions including missing patient or doctor information, prior authorization requirements, appeals, shipment confirmation, copay card enrollment, the capture of insurance cards for annual and semi-annual renewal, etc.

Simply put, Engage exists to accelerate onboarding, simplify outreach, elevate the patient experience, automate high-volume tasks, and reduce staff workload.

What's in the future for patient engagement technology?

D2 and the UltraTouch team is dedicated to advancing our healthcare technology solutions, keeping patient-centric care and equitable access to healthcare services at the core. This integration of the Spanish language is only the beginning. With this change comes the opportunity to enhance the Engage platform with other languages as needed by our partners and their patients. We plan to further expand these language capabilities in 2024, continuing down this path of addressing the diverse needs of our partners and the people they serve.


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