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Mitch Lamb, PharmD2/20/24 10:15 AM

Overview of California Senate Bill 1365


California Senate Bill 1365 | Pharmacy Technicians: Supervision

California Senate Bill 1365, introduced by Senator Steven M. Glazer, addresses the supervision of pharmacy technicians. Under existing law, pharmacy technicians can perform specific tasks only while assisting and under the direct supervision of a pharmacist. Additionally, a pharmacy with only one pharmacist is limited to having one pharmacy technician performing these tasks, with a 2-to-1 ratio.

However, SB 1365 proposes a significant change. It would authorize a pharmacy with only one pharmacist to employ up to six pharmacy technicians for these tasks, effectively increasing the ratio to 6-to-1. This adjustment aims to enhance efficiency and streamline operations within pharmacies while maintaining patient safety.

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Mitch Lamb, PharmD

Director of Regulatory Services