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Quintin Jessee4/22/24 8:35 AM

7 Practical Tips for Making the Most of Asembia


The AXS24 Summit is right around the corner - are you ready to make the most of it?

The AXS Summit offers a platform for networking, education, and collaboration. Attendees from across the industry will have the opportunity to explore new advances, share insights, and shape the future of specialty pharmacy together. Amidst the opportunity, however, it can be easy to miss the practical details that help you and your organization get the most out of your time (and investment).

With nearly two decades of Asembia experience under our belts, the D2 team has compiled a few practical things to know about the Asembia experience to help you and your team next week:

TIP #1

Decide On One, Primary Conference Goal

Asembia is jam-packed with the industry's best minds and missions - how can you be sure you're spending time (and financial investments) in the right places? Before you go, circle up with your team and answer this question:

What pivotal takeaway from Asembia will drive your organization's success this year?

Identify your greatest roadblocks and chase their solutions. Here are some examples of Asembia goals we've seen over the years:

TIP #2

Asembia Arrival Can Be Tricky

Remember that The Wynn and Encore have separate entrances. Be sure to alert your driver to which hotel your meetings or sessions are located to ensure a smooth arrival. Your feet will thank you because there is a lot of walking during the conference. Comfortable shoes are highly recommended!

TIP #3

Don't Miss the Welcome Reception

On Monday, the summit kicks off with business sessions, networking, and the AXS24 welcome reception in the exhibit hall. It’s a great opportunity to connect with fellow attendees and industry professionals. This is the best opportunity for first impressions, scoping out who's on the exhibit floor, and filling in any remaining meeting gaps to make the most of your time there.

Next week, D2 will be at Booth #2024 - the booth of the year! We'll have some live, self-guided tours of our technologies and will be meeting with organizations like yours on how to streamline workflows, reduce operational burden, and ultimately scale business. We'd love to meet you!
TIP #4

Network in the Hallway

There will be various networking sessions throughout Asembia that allow you to meet and exchange ideas with other stakeholders in the specialty pharmacy industry. We highly recommend you walk the hallways in between sessions - you may run into some incredible stakeholders and strike up a great conversation.

We also recommend checking out bar locations at the Wynn and Encore in the evenings. Oftentimes you'll find specialty pharmacy colleagues enjoying a beverage there, as well as new industry contacts that could result in great meeting outcomes.

TIP #5

The Sessions are Worth It

Because the summit is a hub for pharmacy industry stakeholders, you can expect informative speakers, educational programs, and insightful business sessions. It’s a chance to understand challenges, generate solutions, and shape the future of the industry.

Asembia is also an incredible chance to get live CEUs for those of you needing continued education; we recommend spending some time before the conference identifying what sessions you'd most like to attend.

TIP #6

Mind the Elevators...

If you are scheduled to have a meeting in a suite at the Wynn or Encore, make sure you plan to arrive early to your meeting. Asembia veterans will know that the elevator lines can get incredibly long and have been known to cause people to miss meetings entirely.

TIP #7

Remember to Reflect & Celebrate

On Wednesday evening May 1, 2024, the closing reception will take place in the exhibit hall. The closing reception provides an excellent opportunity for attendees to network, reflect on the summit, and celebrate the knowledge shared and connections made during the event one last time before heading home.

See you at The Wynn!

Let's Connect at Asembia 2024!

As a team of specialty pharmacy leaders and healthcare veterans, our mission at D2 Solutions is to help you increase efficiency, minimize risk, and drive access. We have spent nearly 20 years developing the consulting and technology solutions needed to deliver better for patients, staff, and stakeholders. 

Our team at D2 is dynamic and solution-focused with expertise and technology solutions spanning across the prescription journey. From development to adherence, we exist to help bridge the gaps for manufacturers, hospitals, pharmacies, and everyone in between. 

Let us know what challenges your organization is facing and schedule some time to meet with us at Booth #2024, we're here to help you bridge the gap and deliver better across your organization. 

Meagan FowlerDirector of Specialty Pharmacy Services & Clinic Operations at UAB Medicine
"Having D2 as a consultant throughout the reaccreditation process with transitions we’ve had across our team has made reaccreditation possible."
Fresenius Kabi USA
Joe EgglerSenior Director of Payer Account Management at Fresenius Kabi USA
"We hired D2 for their industry experience and relationships and working with them has been a tremendous experience. They've put us in a better position with payers than we've ever been."

Quintin Jessee

Vice President of Specialty Services & Accreditation