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Mitch Lamb, PharmD3/8/24 1:08 PM

Overview of New York Senate Bill 8694


New York Senate Bill 8694 | Prescription Drug Safety

New York Senate Bill 8694, introduced on March 1, 2024, aims to address an essential aspect of prescription drug safety. According to information provided by the New York Senate, the proposed bill would require prescription drug containers to be labeled with a description of the size, shape, color, and imprint of the prescription drug it contains. This would be an amendment to the existing education law that currently requires prescription drug containers to list the name and address of the dispenser, the date compounded, the number of the prescription, the name of the prescriber, the name and address of the patient, and the directions for use.


This amendment will add the following requirements to drug labels:

  • Description of the Size: Physical dimensions of the prescription drug.
  • Shape Information: Clear identification of the prescription drug's shape.
  • Color Specification: The color(s) of the prescription drug. 
  • Imprint Details: Any relevant imprints or markings on the prescription drug.

Why does this change in prescription drug safety matter?

 Ensuring that patients receive accurate and comprehensive information about their medications is crucial. By implementing this requirement, the bill aims to enhance patient understanding, reduce errors, and promote safe medication practices.

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Mitch Lamb, PharmD

Director of Regulatory Services